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August 2021

  • Don’t fall victim to a chemical attack
  • Learn how to stay calm in a crisis
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July 2021

  • Everything you need in a knife
  • Don’t get burned out in a crisis
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June 2021

  • Your vehicle as a tactical asset
  • Simple steps to a healthier garden
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May 2021

  • Seven reasons to become a survivalist
  • The right way to hotwire a car
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April 2021

  • What to do if your home is breached?
  • Deadly knife attacks to win any fight
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March 2021

  • Don’t get caught out by fake cops
  • Beware of these poisonous plants
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February 2021

  • Use these scenarios to test your preparedness level
  • How many ways can you signal for help?
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January 2021

  • Lessons in prepping from a tough 2020
  • Win a fight with lethal force
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December 2020

  • Defending your home as a solo survivalist
  • When the SHTF – Do these things first
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November 2020

  • Travelling safely through unfriendly streets
  • Have you stockpiled these protein sources?
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October 2020

  • How to build a safe room in your home
  • Ways to communicate after the SHTF
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September 2020

  • Learn these skills for urban survival
  • Bugging out will be harder than you know
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August 2020

  • What I learned about survival from the scouts
  • Benefits of spending more time in the wild
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July 2020

  • How to put your survival plan to the test
  • Gearing up for COVID’s second wave
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June 2020

  • Make these changes for a post-corona world
  • The right way to fill your survival library
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May 2020

  • Staying sane through mandatory quarantine
  • Why you must keep your prepping quiet
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April 2020

  • Key takeaways from the coronavirus pandemic
  • The most common ways to die in a real crisis
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March 2020

  • How to stay healthy while you’re travelling
  • The importance of being one step ahead
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February 2020

  • How to fight back from your homestead
  • Why drones need to be a part of your plan
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January 2020

  • Smart reasons to bug out on your boat
  • Identifying the villains in a crowd
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December 2019

  • Don’t get ambushed on the road
  • Dirty fighting techniques to stay alive
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November 2019

  • Staying mobile in a post-apocalyptic world
  • Sleep soundly when you’re under the stars
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October 2019

  • What to do when you’re being followed
  • Navigating the woods to never get lost
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September 2019

  • The only way to do your supply runs
  • Sealing your cellar to keep the water out
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August 2019

  • How to make it through a home invasion
  • Creating a hunting kit for your bug out bag
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July 2019

  • Things I’d do differently if I was starting over
  • Five areas to better focus your preps
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June 2019

  • Why aggression is your best ally in a fight
  • Don’t let a carjacker get the best of you
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May 2019

  • Don’t make these mistakes with a firearm
  • The best way to shower while camping
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April 2019

  • How to ensure you stay ready for a crisis
  • Hone your shotgun skills with these drills
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March 2019

  • Why hunting will make you a better survivor
  • Staying safe when you’re in bear country
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February 2019

  • Choose the right martial art for effective self defense
  • Using a fire extinguisher as a weapon
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January 2019

  • 5 resolutions to supercharge your prepping in 2019
  • Safely establish a quarantine zone inside your home
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December 2018

  • How long would you last in a broken down vehicle
  • Forget GPS – You need these maps in a crisis
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November 2018

  • Don’t forget these critical pre-winter preps
  • Why you need a shovel in your bug out kit
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October 2018

  • Creating a secure bug out location
  • Smart fishing techniques when you’re in the wild
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September 2018

  • The hard truths about finding food after a crisis
  • How to keep your family calm during a crisis
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August 2018

  • How to improve your aim with a rifle
  • Would you survive against a machete attack?
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July 2018

  • The dangers of building your own survival bunker
  • Why put your emergency plan on paper
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June 2018

  • Avoid being followed through the wilderness
  • When did you last test your SHTF plan?
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May 2018

  • Surprisingly simple self-defense moves
  • Where to start scavenging after a disaster
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April 2018

  • How to navigate through the snow
  • Should you be homeschooling your kids?
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March 2018

  • Surviving an encounter with a real wild animal
  • Don’t bring useless gear in your bug out bag
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February 2018

  • Where you should be bugging out to
  • Finding water when you’re in the wild
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January 2018

  • How to defend against a dog attack
  • How to lighten your bug out bag
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December 2017

  • Staying prepared when you’re living abroad
  • Sneaky ways to get an edge in a fight
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November 2017

  • How to stay awake and alert on guard duty
  • Improving the security around your home
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October 2017

  • How to track someone through the wild
  • Can I shoot an intruder in my home?
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September 2017

  • Would you survive living off the land?
  • Staying in shape without spending hours at the gym
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August 2017

  • Learn how to be a defensive shooter
  • Training your dog to be your survival wingman
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July 2017

  • Why shooting practice is important
  • How to restock if you’re caught without your stockpile of supplies
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